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by investing more into their players

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Dustin Johnson played arguably the most unusual shot of the PGA Tour season as he used a cart path to his advantage during the final round of The Memorial. Discount Soccer Jerseys . Johnson was tied for the lead after playing a flawless outward 33 at Muirfield Village, but he looked set to have his card wrecked at the 10th hole when he pulled his drive way left and into the shubbery.With no route to the green, even pitching back to the fairway was off limits as he considered taking a penalty drop, but the solution he came up with could only be described as inventive. Johnson looks anxious as his ball heads towards severe trouble at the 10th Johnson managed to stab his ball out of the bushes and onto a nearby cart path, and the race was on as marshalls, cameramen, Johnson and Sky Sports on-course reporter Wayne Riley gave chase.With the path favourably sloping in the right direction, Johnsons ball followed the contours and rolled almost 50 yards before finally coming to rest in the middle of the concrete. And after taking a free drop onto the nearest patch of grass, Johnson clipped a superb third shot to 12 feet but was unable to hole the putt that would have salvaged one of the best pars of the year.Watch the video to see Dustin Johnson get inventive on the final day of The Memorial ... Also See: McIlroy ready for Oakmont McGirt wins after play-off Golf live on Sky Sports 4 PGA Tour Schedule Authentic Soccer Jerseys Australia .J. Jefferson has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend. Clearance Soccer Jerseys Australiahttp://www.cheapsoccerjerseysaustralia.com/ . There was no hesitation from the 40th-ranked Pospisil, from Vernon, B.C., who admitted that he cut back on his training sessions over the last few days to conserve energy as the long ATP season finishes next week at the Paris Masters. In more established esports like League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, players have a wealth of resources to help them succeed. Managers assist players with travel logistics, scrimmage schedules and real-life responsibilities. Analysts help players break down past matches, tactical adjustments and opponent tendencies. Coaches help keep a team in check with their day-to-day operations. As prize pools and viewership increase, teams are willing to spend money to find their players advantages.Coaches have been a hot topic of discussion in Smash circles. Earlier this year, Team Liquid added Luis Crunch Rosias to the team as a dedicated analyst and coach for Juan Hungrybox Debiedma. Since adding Crunch to the team, Hungrybox has performed noticeably better, winning a multitude of events, including Evolution 2016.The idea of having a personal coach still has a nebulous feel to it. What exactly goes into preparing a player for a match? Is it similar to what we see in a Team SoloMid or Cloud9 behind-the-scenes video for League of Legends? The coaching space still remains unexplored, but here are some general stories of what goes on between a player and coach.Learning StylesEach of the top players learn and discuss the game in their own unique style. Analytical players like Kevin PPMD Nanney love theorycrafting situations with their friends. Jason Mew2king Zimmerman grinds for hours on tournament weekends against other players who play the same characters as his tougher opponents. Many of the top players are personal friends, so they help each other during the course of an event. Certain players only provide practice in friendly matches while others go more in-depth.Crunch takes a scientific approach to working with Hungrybox. During the week, Crunch and Hungrybox break down matches and character-specific situations. Long hours are spent on Skype to study the game while making key optimizations, covering options and maximizing punishes.Most recently, I had the opportunity to work with Joseph Mango Marquez at Super Smash Con 2016 and Shine and discovered that Mangos style of learning comes from experimentation and thinking out loud. Give him advice and he will more than likely shut it down, but give him an open-ended question and he will talk very intricately about it.Mango is the type of person who understands concepts on his own terms. Rather than tell him specifics, give him a new tool and he will explore the practical uses of it. During matches, I noted some of the positives and negatives of his game plan and then reviewed with him afterwards. The discussions werent heavily analytical, and we focused on the basics as I asked how he felt about certain situations where his opponents took his stocks.As great of a player Mango is, he becomes noticeably more stubborn if things dont go his way, causing him to recklessly throw away stocks against strong defensive opponents. As silly as it sounds, telling him generic things such as dont forget to utilize dash-daancing and shine-grab or play smart and dont give anything away for free are more than enough to keep Mango in the right frame of mind. Soccer Jerseys Australia. ther players are much more hands on. Not too long ago, James Duck Ma coached Zachary SFAT Cordoni in between matches against Hungrybox. More importantly, Duck spent the entire afternoon preparing SFAT for the Jigglypuff matchup in the hotel room, pointing out basic fundamentals to the matchup and walking through unfamiliar situations with SFAT. Much of SFATs victory in the set can be attributed to Ducks tutoring.The morale boostThe top players will tell you how much their mental state affects their gameplay. Several of them have thrown sets due to making small mistakes that cause them to lose their composure. Something as small as a person in the crowd heckling can tilt a top-level player. Over the years, the players that have seen the most success are the ones that remain most composed. Although Crunch is a solid player in his own right, his main contribution to Hungrybox has been keeping him in good spirits in stressful situations, frequently reminding him that he is more than capable of winning.On stage, sometimes players can have tunnel vision and bad habits begin to show through. In the set against Hungrybox, Duck mainly reminded SFAT to not forget what they worked on during the day and to focus on taking low risk moves in the matchup. Although SFAT started the set well, he fell behind and looked for very greedy kills that ended up costing him stocks. But Ducks coaching between matches recalibrated SFATs game plan to great success.Mango prefers to go onto the stage on his own, so my main focus is to keep him mentally focused and confident in between matches. This includes finding him the right practice partners and making sure that he has everything he needs, so that he can focus solely on Smash. Hungry? I make sure that he has peanuts and healthy snacks around. Thirsty or tired? I make sure to have spare energy drinks and waters on hand. Our discussions focus on building his confidence for the match. We chat sparingly if he needs to clear his mind. The main part is to keep him focused as his sloppiness usually comes from when he autopilots his movement.The Overall BenefitsHungrybox will be quick to tell anyone how beneficial Crunch has been in his overall success. SFATs victory against Hungrybox at Shine 2016 can largely be attributed to Ducks help. Smash is still largely behind when it comes to maximizing a players potential and it only makes sense to see coaches play a more vital role in a players success. Even though mid-set coaching may not be legal at every event, coaches still can play a big role in helping players both in their gameplay and mentality. Team Liquid started the trend of adding dedicated coaches and more teams should follow suit by investing more into their players. 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