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Small negative pressure pump

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Negative pressure vacuum pump refers to the micro vacuum pump. Since there is one in one exhaust nozzle and one exhaust nozzle, and a vacuum or a negative pressure (relative vacuum) can be continuously formed at the inlet, a micro positive pressure is formed at the exhaust nozzle. It is because of the negative pressure at the inlet, so the micro vacuum pump is called a small negative pressure pump.Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Vacuum Adsorption

The simple working principle is as follows: the circular motion of the motor, the diaphragm inside the pump is reciprocatingly moved by the mechanical device, thereby compressing and stretching the air in the pump chamber to form a negative pressure, and a pressure difference is generated between the air suction port and the external atmospheric pressure. Under the action of the pressure difference, the gas is sucked into the pump chamber and discharged from the exhaust port.

The first step is to clarify the purpose of the micropump. We discuss each of them in three major categories.Water ring vacuum pump

First, if only the micro air pump is used to output compressed air.

Simply put, it is only used to pump and inflate, and the pump's suction port is basically not used. This situation is relatively simple, according to the output pressure from the largest to the smallest: PCF5015N, FAA8006, FAA6003, FAA4002, FM2002, FM1001. Of course, it is also necessary to refer to relevant technical parameters such as flow indicators.Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump In Petrochemical Industry

Second, if the following conditions, you should use PHW600B or WAA series products.

1. Pump or vacuum with a micro pump, but sometimes liquid water enters the pump chamber.Roots vacuum pump

2. The micropump is required to both pump and pump water.

3, mainly pumping water with a micro pump, but do not want to manually add "water diversion" before pumping. (Some pumps need to manually add some "water diversion" before work, so that the pump can pump the water from the lower part, otherwise the pump can't pump or even damage.) The strength of the PHW600B or WAA series is that when it is not in contact with water, it The vacuum is applied, and after the vacuum is formed, the water is pressurized by the air pressure, and then the water is pumped.piston vacuum pump structure

4, pumping with a micro pump, but sometimes the pump may have no water to pump, in a "dry" state. Some traditional pumps are afraid of "dry" or even fatal. The PHW600B or WAA series is essentially a compound-function pump that integrates the functions of a vacuum pump and a water pump. Some people call it a "vacuum pump." Therefore, in the absence of water, it will draw a vacuum, and when there is water, it will pump water. Whether it is pumping or pumping, it belongs to the normal working range, so there is no such thing as "dry" damage.Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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