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I haven��t walked out o

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I haven��t walked out of the campus for a long time I heard that the sleeping lotus on the lake in the school was instantly opened in the lonely night of no one. The weeping willows on the lake also seemed to lengthen their long hair Newport 100S. It seems that the towns and cities that suddenly came to this capital in the summer are always so hurried. I don't understand why, I am very laid-back, but I am so hurried, I can't wait to enjoy the surrounding scenery. All the way, like the worries of worrying people, and the confusion like toddlers walked on the tree-lined path of the campus, the head was covered with mist and rain, and the sound of the rain and the sorrow of the willows came from the ear. Let the rain sprinkle all over my body, silent, I have no feeling of coolness! All I heard was the silence of the rain! It seems that the ethereal rain is calling me in a whispering voice, telling her who is accompanied by a companion in the summer, who is calling in the shallowness of "a smog of rain and rain"? Who is in the shallow shallows? Yang Liufeng? In such a sad and silent summer, I really want to live in a flat boat, wear a shackle, let Yang Liu face, let the wind and cold, let the boat go with the distance! In this way, with happy, unhappy, depressed, excited, sad, happy, lonely, empty mood with the boat far away, wandering every day. People don't know where to go, peach blossoms still laugh at the spring breeze. Perhaps, the more beautiful the flowers, the more sorrowful, the more sad the heart. Because in the face of the buoyant world, there are always some people, some things are out of the bustling, there are always some people, some things let us miss, let us nostalgia! There are always people who are inadvertently sentimental and infinitely mindful! Sometimes, I don��t know that I can be sorrowful and lonely, and if I can��t do anything, I can do everyday things with a seemingly engrossed expression! At the same time of the mental breakdown, he smiled and smiled. When he was sad and sad, he was leisurely. When he was lonely and lonely, he was still on both sides of the road. The trees were lush, and the wild grasses that no one accompanied and nowhere to talk about were still crazy in the quiet summer. ! Finally, I had to face the sharp scissors on the hands of the Linyuan workers! Is the weeds too proud or is the summer too lonely to protect his grass? You listen Wholesale Cigarettes, there are grasses where there are their breaths, and a few friends meditate on the grass that has been combed by scissors, to see their cute and green, and heartfelt can not bear. Sometimes, I will choose to keep the crying low, low, and low into the roots of the grass. In the darkness of the earth's heart, as if I could talk to each other with their own voices. You can exchange your own silence! The red and purple are in the dust, and the cuckoo sounds in the summer. The sang Ma Ma is inexhaustible, and I know that I am a Taiping person! Lu You��s early summer quatrains depict the perfection of early summer! His summer in the world is so quiet and bleak, Fang Feixi goes to He Shougen, Xiamu Yinyin is just human. I am very embarrassed by the summer of a generation of white talented people. When is it a little bit free? In fact, the most famous poem describing summer is Yang Wanli's "The Lotus leaves are infinite, and the lotus flowers are different." But I don't like it, the kind of dazzling and the dazzling. The safflower makes me have a false and illusory! One red one is too eye-catching, and how to accompany the lonely summer! Summer is silent, even if the summer insects, knowing that you can not cover the silence after the bustling when strolling in the shade Newport Cigarettes Coupons, you will smell the breath of the pollen in the air. Looking out into the sky, after the rain, the cluster of fiery red glare of the sunset filled the sky, it became the most beautiful sorrow in the sky. I suddenly realized that the summer "sorrow" at this time seems to be a child crying silently in the burning flowers, and it is also a pity. Perhaps, you forgot who is crying low, "Linhua thanked Chunhong, too hasty"? Who is sighing at the sigh of "green sorrow and quiet, lonely flower table spring" free flying flowers like dreams, boundless The drizzle makes people scream - the summer wind and rain, soaked in whose sorrow! Who is crazy and who is frivolous! The rock spurt and the sky is rainy, and the forest stalks the summer and the cold - the summer's lining, who broke the fallen? The green trees are thick and the summer is long, and the terraces are reflected in the pond. -- Summer pond, stranded whose youth may be, summer is also synonymous with vitality! Perhaps, summer is also full of green and energetic... But I don't want to deliberately beautify the beauty and prosperity. I only saw half of the summer, knowing that I saw a lonely summer, just want to be silent in the summer without any pain! I just want to forget the bright sorrow in the youth that does not belong to me in the quiet year.
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