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They get tossed. Brandon Williams Jersey . They get bashed. They get chased by the most formidable of beasts. Danger from every angle. And they keep coming back for more. Such is the precarious, daring, thrill-seeking life of a bull rider.On Saturday night, the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) circuit came to Sydney, with Qudos Bank Arena -- usually the domain of concerts, functions and feet-on-the-ground sporting events -- transformed into a state-of-the-art rodeo ring for the Australian national finals.Cowboy hats -- the bigger the better -- were all the fashion. As were glistening belt buckles. Country and Western music had them dancing in the stands.The on-screen advertisements focused on welders and machine oil. And the smell of bulls hung in the air.Twenty-two riders from Australia, the United States and Brazil were also in the house with the aim to somehow stay on top of an assortment of bulls -- all with their own special names such as Red Rat, Rude Manners, Pistol Whip, Fox in Socks, Freak Show, Storm Boy, Hillbilly Deluxe and Devils Dance.As you watched over the next three hours -- arms and legs, hoofs and horns going in all directions -- you admired the competitors courage but kept wondering ... Why?What is the attraction of being relentlessly knocked about when on top of a wild, bucking bull, and then after falling or leaping off its back often having to confront a charging beast?The bull riders say its about adrenaline, the challenge, the excitement of trying to conquer the toughest of beasts. They revel in what appears to be a dangerous and lopsided contest.Among the competitors was 24-year-old Justin Paton, who hails from the small one pub, general store and two service stations Queensland country town of Nebo.?His intense passion for bull-riding, which has seen him the past two years be part of the PBR circuit in the United States, has led to a broken leg, a knee reconstruction, muscle tears, cartilage damage and a concussion.But Ive been lucky compared to a lot of people I know, Paton said. This is still something that I always wanted to do. I dreamed about it, but never really had the heart when I was a kid to give it a try. It used to scare me a bit first up, but I built up my courage.I got on my first poddy calf at a rodeo close to home when I was about 8. I hopped on my first bull when 15 or 16, and havent really looked back.Now it all revolves around staying on the bull for eight seconds so they register a score from the four judges.The rider receives a score out of 100, of which 50 of the points are allocated to how the bull performed and whether it provided a difficult or easy ride.Asked what he had to do to impress the judges, Paton said: Well, we have to stay on our bull to begin with.The judges normally start at looking at the bull, how much kick it has, what it does when it turns back, if it spins, how fast it is and so forth. It really depends on what the bull is doing. It also revolves around whether the bull rider is in control or not.Does that eight seconds feel like an eternity?It depends on how youre going with the bull, I guess. You might be having a pretty rough time, and youre thinking When is that buzzer going to go? Then there are other bulls you ride; you hear the buzzer go and you say to yourself: Im having too much fun. I dont want to get off.On Saturday night, Paton was among the leaders after two successful round rides.However, in the championship round, Enemies Everywhere flung him off early, enabling Brazilian Robinson Guedes to push ahead and win the title by virtue of being the only rider to successfully complete his ride three times.Guedes from Sao Paolo has been to Australian twice -- and won two national titles.An interpreter explained: Robinson likes Australia. He says: It is my type of herd.Then there is the fearless team of protection athletes, otherwise known as bull fighters or rodeo clowns.They have the toughest job of all, protecting the rider after they have finished their ride, and come to their rescue if they are hurt or in danger of being charged at.The bull will often go after the rider. The threat of serious injury is overwhelming. Even more so for anyone who is crazy enough to stand in the bulls way.The three-man protection team on Saturday night included Clint Kelly, an underground coal miner from central Queensland.He has had his fair share of injuries during his seven years bobbing and weaving in front of bulls, including a broken collarbone, and I was recently out of action for six weeks after breaking my jaw and some teeth.But I love it. Its good fun.You would think otherwise when watching graphic YouTube footage of Kelly at one PBR event where he was picked up and flung by a bull, and then charged at.Kelly survived that and many other testing moments.Yeah, you need a bit of heart to keep doing it, and also good cattle sense. We are there to distract the bull, which means getting in between the rider and the bull, and making ourselves an easier target.We have to make certain we get out safely as well, but that doesnt always happen. The plan is if anyone is going to be hit, its us.Kelly, a former rider, became a bull fighter by accident, taking up the role when several failed to turn up at a local Queensland bush rodeo.I was asked to give a hand, had a bit of a go at it, and liked it. I did it a few more times, and got hooked.On the circuit, you get to know a lot of the bulls, and they are not all the same. Some will go and look for the bull rider and try to hit him, or one of us, while others dont really want to be part of it, and instead look for the out gate.?You have to be prepared for anything.Their biggest fans are, not surprisingly, the bull riders.In my honest opinion, they dont get paid enough, Paton said. Theyve saved my hide plenty of times. Theyre essentially bodyguards and are jumping in front of bullets. The only thing is a bullet wont come back and get you again. A bull can.In the background are also compelling characters, including those who breed and supply the bulls to the PBR events, such as Jody Ruhland, who went to her first rodeo when just two weeks old.Her father, Darryl Doyle, was a rodeo rider, as was her husband Rick, until focusing on breeding commercial beef cattle and bucking bulls on the side on a 1200-hectare property at Mount Walker, west of Brisbane.The bulls become like your children. You dont like to let them out of your sight, or hand them over to someone else, Ruhland said.?The bulls have to qualify for an event the same way the riders do. There is a selection criteria. You cant just bring any bulls. They have to be bulls who are performing at their best.What they look for is a bull that kicks really well when it comes out of the chute, and also kicks high. Mostly they like bulls who turn back either way. They are looking for agility, speed, strength, all those things you look for in an athlete, I suppose.Jody, who provided five bulls for the Brisbane Last Cowboy Standing event the previous weekend, opted against bringing them to Sydney due to the long transport haul, but also because her focus was on getting the stadium ready for the event.As a member of the PBR production crew, Jody is involved in transforming an all-purpose arena into something resembling a country rodeo. It is an elaborate process.Around 250 tons of dirt, clay and sand is trucked in to provide the required surface. Bull pens, chutes and protection fences have also to be erected.And as soon as the last bull is out of there, we start pulling it all down. The crew usually finish up 9.30-10 a.m. the next morning. They go right through the night.Time was tight as the stadium less than 48 hours later had to be ready for something completely different -- a concert by The Cure.By that stage the riders were also well on their way to their next encounter with a raging bull.In Patons case, it is flying back to the United States for the PBR circuit.Ill be riding all over the place. The first couple of weeks Ill be up in the northern states, then traveling everywhere from Texas to Canada, California to New York City, Paton said.Endlessly pushing his body to the extreme. Yeah, but where else do you get paid to travel the world, and do what you like doing?Definitely a special breed. Arizona Cardinals Jerseys . 1, meaning problems for the doping controls at both major international sports events next year. The World Anti-Doping Agency provisionally suspended the Moscow Antidoping Center on Sunday, saying its operations must improve or a six-month ban on the facilitys accreditation will be imposed. Drew Stanton Jersey . They reached the 100-point plateau for the fourth time in five games, bested the visiting Trail Blazers by 34 in the paint and scored 19 of the final 25 points in regulation. http://www.officialauthenticcardinalssho...ham-jersey.html . Peter Holland and Brad Staubitz were sent to Toronto on Saturday as the Maple Leafs traded defenceman Jesse Blacker and draft picks to the Anaheim Ducks. Josh Brown told the world he was a hopelessly arrogant abuser that August day when he said he was not OK with the decision the NFL had made in benching him one game for assaulting his wife.Brown knew he had already admitted in documents not yet released that he had physically, verbally, and emotionally abused my wife, and that hed viewed her as my slave, yet the New York Giants kicker had a problem with the league suspending him for one single solitary Sunday. In fact, Brown said he was uncomfortable with Roger Goodells broad powers under the personal conduct policy.Yes, a man whose now-former wife claimed hed abused her more than 20 times was uncomfortable with the commissioners authority to discipline him for it.If Giants officials were paying close attention, this was the day they shouldve been really worried about Brown, and his alleged commitment to the cause of becoming a better human being. Maybe those remarks made them wonder whether theyd gambled on the wrong guy, maybe not. Either way, they lost their gamble in a staggering way and left owner John Maras standing as the leagues moral compass looking as if it had been hit by a truck.Mara has always been very good at cleaning up Goodells messes, following the commissioners wayward rulings and news conference fumbles with some thoughtful and articulate spin. But this time, Mara himself made the mess long before he told WFAN, the radio station carrying Giants games, that the kicker had admitted to us that hes abused his wife in the past.The Giants knew Brown had been involved in two heated incidents -- not one, but two -- with his former wife, Molly Brown, when they decided to bring back their free agent on a two-year, $4 million contract. They knew not only of Browns 2015 arrest on domestic violence but also of a confrontation at the Pro Bowl that unfolded less than three months before the Giants signed their kicker to the new deal. Molly Brown alleged that her husband was drunk and pounding on her hotel room door before NFL security helped clear him from the area and moved her and her children to a new room.When Mara spoke in August about the decision to sign Brown, he did not mention the Pro Bowl incident. Nobody with the Giants mentioned it. If they figured the story would never surface, they gambled and guessed wrong again. A lot of times there is a tendency to try to make these cases black and white, Mara said that day. They are very rarely black and white; you very rarely have a Ray Rice video.Theres been no Josh Brown video to date, but the newly released documents are as black and white as can be. The Giants decided to keep employing a man whose former wife quoted him as saying that women like me get hit because we cant shut up.Now the NFL wants a do-over on its investigation, this after blaming its pathetic one-game penalty on a King County (Washington) Sheriffs Office that denied the leagues past requests for all documents relevant to the case. The sheriff, John Urquhart, responded by portraying league investigators as Inspector Clouseau-like bunglers (surprise, surprise) in an interview with Seattle radio station KIRO, saying he wouldve given them an off-the-record heads-up on the depth of Browns admissions had they properly identified themselves as working for, you know, the NFL.The Giants? Their statement announcing that Brown would not be boarding the plane to London for the game with the Rams, and that his status will be revisited after the team returns home, included the reminder that Brown has acknowledged his issues through extended therapy and counseling. Tyvon Branch Jersey. We remain supportive of Josh and his efforts, the statement said. The Giants didnt say anything about being supportive of their employees victim. These football teams never say much about the victims, do they?Were not going to turn our back on Josh, Giants coach Ben McAdoo said Friday in London.Thats exactly what his team should do, however. Although the Giants have long been held up as a model of stability and right-minded thinking in the worlds most volatile marketplace, Brown isnt their first hire with a domestic violence past. In 1997 they brought in Christian Peter, who had a long history of violence against women. The next year, mere weeks after the girlfriend whom Tito Wooten allegedly choked and punched committed suicide in Wootens garage, the Giants gave the defensive back an $8 million deal.Mara wasnt at the very top of the organization then, but he sure is now. And frankly, of all the New York sports owners Ive covered over 30 years, Mara is the one I wouldve picked above all others to make an ethical choice in a critical situation.No more. Its not a pleasant thing to type, but the truth often isnt. Mara said over the summer that he has to answer to his four daughters and seven sisters. What does he tell them now about re-signing a repeat abuser who describes himself as repulsive?What Mara should tell them, of course, is that he made a terrible mistake and that Josh Brown will never take another kick in a Giants uniform. He should tell them he feels as foolish as owner Jerry Jones now feels for making Greg Hardy a Cowboy. He should tell them that, for the rest of his life, the franchise will embrace a legitimate zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence for all employees and not the fake zero-tolerance policy that Mara and McAdoo talked about before this disastrous turn of events. He should tell them hes sorry for dishonoring the family business. Goodell couldve helped out Mara, one of his fiercest advocates, by hiring more competent investigators, and by dropping a six-game hammer on Brown in August. But this one isnt about the commissioner. This one is about the team owner who must realize that his role in investigating Goodells handling of the Ray Rice case now seems absurd.But since football people love to talk about turning negatives into positives, lets give it a shot here. NFL owners mightve learned a useful lesson in the Josh Brown case. They saw what happened to John Mara, of all people, and to the New York Giants, of all teams. If they can get shredded for suiting up an abuser, anyone can get shredded for it.So this is the overriding hope in the months and seasons to come, that owners will tell their coaches, scouts and executives that they are not to recommend for employment any man who has inappropriately touched a woman once, never mind twice or more. If Maras dreadful mistake scares his peers straight, the NFL might finally become a more humane and dignified place to play.? Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys 2019 NFL Jerseys From China China Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys From China NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys NFL Cheap ' ' '

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