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Australias series loss to a low ranked Sri Lanka - currently at No. Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Noir . 7 in the ICC Test rankings - has meant that it is highly likely that the No. 1 spot changes hands by the end of this month.According the ICC rankings methodology, the penalty of losing a series to an opponent that is rated low is more than if the opponent were rated higher. For example, if Australia had been playing a similar three-match series against India (who are at 112 points as opposed to Sri Lankas 85), a 0-3 loss to them wouldve robbed them of about six points. A 0-3 loss to Sri Lanka, however, is going to cost Australia nine points, bringing down latters ratings to an approximate 108 points. Australias obvious weakness in the subcontinent, or Sri Lankas relative strength at home, does not have any bearing on how the ratings are calculated since the ICC methodology doesnt differentiate between home and away conditions.The erosion in Australias ratings gives other teams that werent too far behind the opportunity to make a grab at No. 1. England, Pakistan and India are all in with a chance of topping the rankings following their ongoing series. Here is how each of the current top four could end up at No. 1.Australia: They have to win the Colombo Test to have any chance of retaining their No. 1 ranking. Either England - with a win in the Oval Test - or India - with a 3-0 margin against West Indies - could topple them. Australia can hang on to their top spot even if the Oval Test is drawn and India dont win by a 3-0 margin.India: A draw in Kingston means that India have to win their remaining two Tests against West Indies to take the No. 1 spot. A 3-0 margin will bump them up to the top irrespective of results in the other series.England: A 3-1 series win against Pakistan will give them the No. 1 ranking provided India dont win by a margin of 3-0 against West Indies. Even a draw in the Oval Test can give them the top spot if Australia dont win the Colombo Test and India win only one of their remaining two Tests against West Indies.Pakistan: They have to win the Oval Test and hope India dont beat West Indies by a margin bigger than 2-0 and Australia dont win the Colombo Test. Air Max 90 Mesh Noir . "Four now," Carl Gunnarsson told the Leaf Report proudly following a 5-2 victory over New York on Tuesday night, the clubs fifth straight at home. Air Max 90 Homme Noir . Mickelson barely made the cut but had the best round of the day with nine birdies and an eagle coupled with two bogeys to sit two shots behind leader Craig Lee of Scotland. Lee shot a 69 for a 12-under 204 total. "I just love the fact I am in contention and have an opportunity in my first tournament of the year here in Abu Dhabi," Mickelson said. http://www.venteairmax90homme.fr/ . Now that hes hitting streaking teammates with pin-point passes for easy layups, Love is asserting himself as one of the true superstars in the league.From Monday to Friday of this week, I will be blogging from Belfast, Northern Ireland, as I complete the final component of my UEFA A licence – an advanced coaching licence being delivered by the Irish Football Association, a member of UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). The UEFA A licence takes one-year to complete. The course is comprised of two residential weeks; the first is at the start of the course, and the second is at the conclusion. The workload includes classroom lectures and seminars, practical sessions, three practical assessments, a group presentation as well as an individual theory paper. The practical assessments are the most nerve-wracking part of the course for most coaches. Not only are you being assessed by your instructors (and you must pass the final two assessments to be awarded the licence), you are also being judged by your peers. As many of the coaches on the course have been involved in football their entire lives – some at the very highest levels of the game - winning them over can be a daunting task. The assessments work like this; you are given a topic and must develop and deliver a training session that meets the objectives of that topic. You have one assessment during your first residential week, with the remaining two assessments taking place some time before the second residential week, usually at the club at which you are coaching. The first assessment is a phase of play session (meaning the session must occur with the players in the area of the pitch specific to your topic, and usually builds towards 11v11 football), and is expected to last around 30 minutes. Warm-ups, functional work and warm-downs are not included in that time, as the coaches generally get assessed towards the end of the residential week, back-to-back, and are already warmed up. It makes for long days though, as the coaches on the course are often asked to participate in the assessment sessions as players. It does, however, create a very collegial atmosphere; the coaches work together to get each other through the course. The final two assessments are arguably the most challenging. You are given the topic of your second assessment in advance, andd are expected to deliver a 45-minute session that meets the objectives of your topic. Air Max 90 Cuir Homme Pas Cher. As soon as you complete your session, your assessor gives you your results. If your session is deemed to be sufficient to warrant a passing grade, you are immediately given the topic for your third assessment. You then have 10 minutes to prepare your session, which is your final practical assessment. Its fair to say you need to know what you are doing. The theory paper has a variety of questions that you have to answer. Here is one of the questions from my theory paper: 1 (a) Assume you are the Manager/Coach of a team. What team shape would you adopt, i.e. 4-4-2, 4-3-3, etc.? Explain the reasons why you would adopt this shape. 1 (b) Also, indicate the roles/responsibilities of all the players, using a diagram(s) to illustrate the pattern/direction of runs expected from your players when ATTACKING. 1 (c) Finally, describe your team tactics/shape when defending, using a diagram(s) to illustrate your answer. You can be as detailed and descriptive as you want in your answers. Personally, I think it is very important to cover every detail as a coach, so that you are prepared for every possibility that might occur in a game. However, when conveying instructions to your players, the simpler you can make the game for them, the better. Ultimately, you want to give them the freedom to make their own decisions on the pitch, while always being mindful of their role in the teams tactical plan. I am really looking forward to this week, as I always enjoy a spirited discussion about the game – something that is sure to take place in the classroom sessions that the final week is primarily composed of. I am especially looking forward to the motivational seminar, delivered by a good friend of mine, Watt Nicoll. I worked with Watt for two years while I was the captain at Ipswich Town FC, and he is one of the most engaging, intelligent men Ive come across in the game. His presentations are incredibly powerful, as anyone who has seen him speak can attest. His seminar (and the many stories he will share over a cup of tea afterwards!) is sure to be the highlight of the week. NFL Jerseys Cheap Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Throwback Jerseys Discount Jerseys Cheap Jerseys 2019 China NFL Hoodies ' ' '

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