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Save Us from Ourselves

#1 von cigssmoke , 31.05.2018 10:18

Story: We too are opposed to the Aboriginal Cogeneration plant but it seems to be a case of "do as we say Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, not as we do".

Every year the City of Kamloops issues an untold number of permits to residents to install and use wood burning appliances (fireplaces, furnaces).

There is no requirement for knowledge on the proper use of such appliances, no control on what is burned and absolutely no monitoring of emissions. One of our neighbours uses a wood furnace to heat his home. Perhaps he doesn't know how to use it, perhaps he's burning old railway ties but there is frequently heavy black smoke and there is an obvious build up of creosote on his chimney Discount Cigarettes Online.

We keep our windows closed but the air intake from our furnace pulls his smoke into our home Types Of Marlboro Cigarettes. Every time we open the front door in comes the creosote.

When we contacted officials from Interior Health, they advised us that there is indeed a serious health risk associated with residential wood burning appliances but that unlike other jurisdictions, Kamloops has chosen not to impose any controls Price For Newport Cigarettes.

The City's own web site says that "(wood burning appliances ) can have significant safety, health and environmental impacts" but when contacted about the problem, the best advice from City officials was that we could consider taking "civil action for nuisance" Wholesale Newport Cartons.
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