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daughter victims of North Tonawanda fire The Buffalo News

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Driving home from bingo Monday night, North Tonawanda residents Anthony and Dawn Gutka thought at first a fog had settled in on their street, but the smell of smoke and then the sight of flames told them their neighbors' home was ablaze.

Anthony Gutka got out of his pickup truck and ran up to the front door of 53 Third Ave. to try to assist the occupants, Dorothy Burns, 84, and her daughter, Kathleen Watson, 62, who were trapped inside their cluttered 1½-story cottage home.

"You could see the fire in the front window Cheapest Cigarettes In The World, and I began pounding on the door. When the police arrived Newport Cigarettes Official Website, I told the officer to be careful, the door was hot," Gutka said, adding that his wife had called 911. "Unfortunately, things didn't turn out very well."

Firefighters forced open the front door and removed Burns from a front bedroom, but efforts to resuscitate her on the front lawn were unsuccessful, and she was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Fire Chief John C Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes. Lapham.

Other firefighters forced open a rear door and found Watson near the doorway. "I take it very personally when it happens in my own city. It doesn't happen very often Buying Cigarettes Online. The last fire fatality was about five years ago."

Neighbors reported hearing what they thought was an explosion or series of explosions, but it remained unclear whether that was thunder or the sound of firefighters gaining entry to the burning house.

The cause of the $35,000 fire remains under investigation. "I heard pop, pop, pop three times, and I looked out my second-floor window and screamed to my daughter the house next door was on fire."

Neighbor Molly Johnson said, "My husband and his brother were standing outside and heard the noise. They thought it was thunder, and then all that smoke started coming out of the house."

Tabitha Ryan said she and her boyfriend, Sam Mincey, helped the mother and daughter from time to time.

"I would shovel their walk for them, and my boyfriend would mow their lawn Newport Cigarettes Price," Ryan said, adding that surveillance cameras on her home recorded smoke coming from the house across the street for about "20 minutes" before the fire was reported.
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