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The theater needs to use a GSM jammer alarm system

#1 von nongle , 03.02.2018 10:46

Theatre is the place where people appreciate opera. Is it a place for art? Is it necessary to use the alarm system?
I have a known brand to install a wired alarm system, which works very well. However, I found on the Internet, with a simple jammer (cost $169) can prohibit the phone dialer, and if I cut off the fixed line cable, house, there is no protection. The company does not currently produce a combiner with anti-interference features, rather than an alternative indication. May I ask: is the "GSM" quality universal synthesizer integrated with the existing system (identified by the alarm center, so there will be no failure)? There are different models in the gsm jammer market. I believe that almost all (if not all) is the "common", means that they accept analog signal from the central - usually is certainly miss or any one can easily convert command, such as a simple relay. As for the quality, I think it can also find the approved model: by doing a quick search of Google on the GSM jammer, I see a lot of results that might be right for you.

In some cases, hearing someone talking on the phone or just hearing the phone ring will irritate them. When you're eating, studying in the library, praying in a church, or just talking to someone, it bothers you, and it keeps distracting you with your phone.

In general, the video transmission of the camera, which is streaming - so in continuous mode - can be carried out through a cellular connection or a fixed line. Assessment (in both cases) used in the important parameter is the type of connection line is enough "fast", in order to let you see a smooth and jerk, the width of the belt because it counts, not the carrier (fixed or mobile).

To solve this problem, one device is contained in a pack of cigarettes. Once activated, it will cancel the entire GSM and 3G domains within 10 meters. So everyone next to you will not be able to get on the phone.
In practice, a fixed line must have at least one ADSL in order to get a good view, and a cell phone must be connected at least one 3G. Considering that want to see the picture on the phone, because smartphones and optimization of the transmission size and resolution is reduced, in order to compress is "light", easily even in low bandwidth transmission it shouldn't be a big problem.

A cell phone jammer is a device that alerts you when an alarm (or system malfunction) occurs. You can receive pre-recorded voice messages, text messages or even pictures or video (but in this case, you need to connect to the camera). Dial-up calls you to select the phone number of the hotel to implement programming (usually at least 3 - your phone, work address, neighbors - up to eight to relatives and friends -), so the police to ensure arrival at least one recipient you can use the PSTN line (lines of traditional family with three pole socket) GSM or, or both. Some additions to the new inventory model also allow you to send commands to the system via the phone keypad when you receive an alert call.

If you have contact and supervision institute, digital com (integration can control to a plate unit or used separately) in English alert code sent to the center point of peripherals, including the system data and alarm type. Digital communicators have partially replaced radio links, which are difficult to manage and manage.

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