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also help reduce blood pressure and anxiety.

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You ever notice that many doctor offices have aquariums? That's because fish have a tendency to make us feel serene and peaceful. This is why so many medical professionals keep fish tanks in the waiting room. Aquariums can help reduce the nervousness of patients and make them feel more at ease before their appointment. In one study it was noted that dental patients exposed to an aquarium were more relaxed and needed less pain medication.

Older people can also benefit significantly from a fish tank. A 1999 study showed that brightly colored aquatic life may help Alzheimer's Disease patients, allowing them to eat more, need fewer supplements, and avoid disruptive behavior. It can also help reduce blood pressure and anxiety.

One of the best features about owning an aquarium is that it doesn't require the same amount of time and effort as say a dog or cat does, thus making it a good choice for people whose time is more limited. Of course John Phillips Jersey , you don't just have to be an older person to enjoy the benefits of keeping fish. Kids with ADHD have been calmed by watching fish, and plenty of adults find this hobby to be a pleasant and peaceful one.

In addition, the health benefits keep up, no matter how big or small the aquarium is. Larger ones are great, of course. However, small units with appropriately sized fish and filters can do just as much good and are usually easier to take care of due to less water volume and less fish. All this proves that fish are more than just pretty ornaments for your home.

Taking care of them correctly can help reduce stress and improve your health Alex Okafor Jersey , as well as your overall well-being. If you feel like the world's going by too fast, see if a fish tank could be the thing you've been waiting for.
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