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Looking forward to the

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Looking forward to the stars and looking forward to the moon, I finally hoped for the day of practical activities.e early morning, I took a cheerful step and walked into the experimental base with a light backpack. The first project was to plan the mountain. Under the guidance of the teacher, everyone picked up the tools. I first rushed into the ground. I painted a dividing line without hesitation, and announced aloud: "This land is mine." I can't control so much when I am blind, and I can't manage the mountain on this piece.ve never been exposed to farm work. I only occasionally listened to my mother. When I really got it, I realized the difficulty. I took the farm tools and looked at the mountain vines. I was so busy that I didn��t know where to start. I secretly aimed at it. Classmates, oh, they have started to work, I also learned how they look. In the place near the foot of the mountain, Tenggen, I gently dig it with a knock, knock it, be careful, don��t give the baby It hurts. Soon, the upper part of this red mountain is exposed. I am very happy. I am very excited. I quickly throw it down. No matter what the three or seventy-one Buy Newports Cheap, the sleeves are scratched and hardened. How can I not pull it out? I was a little anxious, and I picked up a big knock and dug it. The mountain shook a bit. I took the opportunity to pull out. This baby who refused to leave the hot bed was happily hugged. I am so happy that I can kiss it Newport Wholesale Cigarettes. This is the first work of my life! I turned and looked at it. Some of my classmates had already dug up a few. I quickly resisted the excitement and continued to dig up. At this time, I heard a scream: "Come out! Come out!" Looking back, I saw Liu Weijie's face turned into a big face, and excitedly shouted, while raising a fat and fat mountain and singing. Jump again. My big knock seems to have encountered a hard thing, I tried to dig up the soil, wow! Another cute hawthorn doll is waiting for me to hold her! Great! I gently pulled the leaves and slowly cut off the roots. As a matter of mention, the mountains rolled and rolled on the ground. I quickly rushed and grabbed her. Oh, it was another was tired and hungry on the returning car, I really understood that labor is not only in the classroom, but also in practice, so that I really know what labor is, and I will understand the hardships of my parents. . Through this life practice, I realized that I grew up, do you believe? The six-year elementary school life is coming to an end. I am going to bid farewell to my alma mater, say goodbye to my teacher, and say goodbye to my classmates for six years. I am very excited and frustrated because we are leaving our big family that has lived for six years Wholesale Usa Cigarettes.king back at the six years, I was most impressed by my escape.ime, our six classmates did not go to class during the big class. We hid in the back door of the library and waited for them to finish. We were hiding for a week. Once we looked at Teacher Wang on the third floor. In training them, we did not dare to go back to the classroom to hide in class. When the teacher Wang called us six out, I asked: Why didn��t you see me doing today? Isn't it, you didn't do it at all, we said vomitingly: Well, we didn't do exercises today. The teacher asked: When did you start to do nothing, I said: We have not done since last week, the teacher said: You do not know that doing class exercises is good for your body? We know that everyone said in unison Buy Cheap Newports. Then why don't you do it, the teacher yells. Fei Yan suddenly said that we would not do it, we would not do it. The teacher said: Then you have to do it. Go downstairs and do it for me. I am looking up at you upstairs. We started to do it after we flew down, because we have not done it, so it will not. We called the two junior students to lead us. When we finished, the teacher who went upstairs took us a meal before we went back to the classroom to study Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online.

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