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We have all seen it all too often. That ?A? player on the team has those laser guided missiles for parents. They know everything about the sport their child and in most cases the competition. Their vision is to see their child rise to the lofty levels of ?D One? Alex Burmistrov Jersey , or more commonly known as Division One College ranks. Oh yes, and this while their child is still in K-6 of course. No investment in their athletic future is too high. Personal trainer for young Mikey at all of age 7? You bet, he still needs to learn how to score with the left hand. Forget the fact that the basketball size and height of the rim could be problematic to Mikey?s physical capabilities, alas a trainer will fix that.

Then we venture into the athletic dome or for this tale the Gym. Inside the dome is where we really see it all. Live and it full color. Parents screaming for their child and cursing every bad call by the officials. Here?s another funny note, in every youth sport there is the constant need for the volunteer coach. I haven?t found the pay for coach level yet in the recreational leagues. We?ll leave that for a later novel. So here we are with the game in-hand and the poor coach trying to keep everyone happy by playing fair with their time on the court and then it happens. The A Player parent, who didn?t volunteer to coach their child takes over. With their rage in full stride they aggressively call out to the ?team? to step it up and begin the quest to over take their teams coach by out yelling him or her from the bleachers. All this adds up to is chaos.

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