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Supply sleeves JF bushings,Oil greased Bushing,bimetal bearing

#1 von bearingtypes , 29.12.2018 03:56

Is there any noise in oil-free bearings?
1. Under normal circumstances, the oil-free bearings sleeves JF bushings,Oil greased Bushing,bimetal bearing in the regular manufacturers have their own special designers to design the external packaging, and arrange the production conditions of the factory to produce and produce, therefore, the product packaging should be from line to color block It is very clear and unambiguous.
2. Whether the steel printing is clear: FZP POM Plastic Cage Ball Retainer product will be printed with its brand name and label on the bearing product body. Although the font size is very small, the WB802 Harden Bronze Bushing produced by the regular manufacturers are printed with the stamp printing technology, and the characters are pressed before the heat treatment, so the font is small, but the recess is deep and very clear. Under normal circumstances, the fonts of counterfeit products are not only blurred, because the printing technology is rough, the fonts float on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand or serious traces of hands.

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