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Custom DU Oilless Washer GEC radial spherical plain bearing

#1 von bearingtypes , 29.12.2018 04:43

There are the following differences between Metallic Self-Lubricating Bushings Plain Bearings Wrapped Bronze Series
,plastic bearings and metal sliding bearings: 1. The plastic bearings are all lubricated and have a long service life; while the metal sliding bearing lubrication layer is only 0.003mm PTFE on the surface, when this thin layer is rubbed. Expiration of the end of service life; 2, plastic bearings will not rust and corrosion, and metal bearings can not be used in chemical liquids; 3, plastic bearings are lighter than metal, which is more suitable for modernization Lightweight design trend; 4,GEC radial spherical plain bearing, plastic bearing manufacturing cost is lower than metal; plastic bearing is injection molding processing is more suitable for mass production; 5, plastic bearing does not have any noise during operation, has a certain vibration absorption function Because plastic bearings have many advantages over metal sliding bearings, the output of plastic bearings is expanding, and the use of DU Oilless Washer,plastic bearings is constantly expanding. From plastic equipment to office equipment and the automotive industry, plastic bearings are used. Cars driving on the road do not use plastic bearings. The market prospect of plastic bearings is infinitely broad!

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