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Undefeated UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov has demanded the next title shot against newly crowned champion Conor McGregor. Roshes Shoes For Sale .And one of Nurmagomedovs coaches believes McGregor is already doing what he can to avoid the fight.After knocking out Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in New York on Saturday, McGregor (21-3) didnt seem interested in a fight against Nurmagomedov (24-0), who submitted Michael Johnson on the same night. The Irish star claimed that Nurmagomedov, who missed all of 2015 due to injury, hasnt fought frequently enough to warrant a title shot.Nurmagomedovs striking coach, Javier Mendez of American Kickboxing Academy, took exception to that claim.Yes, 100 percent, he is ducking Khabib, Mendez told ESPN.com. I know that from the words he is saying. He doesnt fight enough for my taste? Give me a break.You can say, Hey, I want to fight Nate Diaz a third time. Fine. Say that. But dont try to put my guy down because you are trying to avoid him. Dont belittle my guy. Thats bulls---.Nurmagomedov, who is originally from the Russian region Dagestan, made a loud statement at UFC 205. He literally demanded the next title shot during the fight while he was hitting Johnson with strikes on the ground.There was even an exchange between Nurmagomedov and UFC president Dana White after the second round. Nurmagomedov believes the UFC used him to book the title fight between McGregor and Alvarez.Hes talking to Dana from the corner after the second round, saying, Dont send me any more bulls--- contracts, Mendez said. Danas laughing, saying, Just take care of what you got in front of you. And Khabib says, Dont worry about that. Im taking care of that. You know who the real champ is.Mendez, who also trains current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and former champs Cain Velasquez and Luke Rockhold, said he felt that McGregor received favorable matchups early in his career. He changed his mind last year, when McGregor agreed to fight Chad Mendes on short notice.He hopes he wasnt wrong in changing his mind.When he fought Chad Mendes, I thought it proved he wasnt ducking anybody, Mendez said. But now hes doing this and Im thinking hes trying to avoid Khabib. I think Khabib, [lightweight contenders] Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson all give Conor a hell of a fight -- but the guy who gives him the worst time, by far, is Khabib. Hes the strongest grappler in the division.Nurmagomedov, 28, has said that if the UFC denies him a title shot, he wont fight for the organization again.As far as Mendez knows, Nurmagomedov is serious about it.Thats what he has said this whole time, Mendez said. And its not about fighting Conor. He doesnt care if he fights Conor. He wants to fight for the title. He has no beef with any fighter out there. He wants the title to prove hes the best, and he wants to defend it against the best. Nike Roshes Cheap Online .J. Jefferson has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend. Cheap Nike Roshe Shoes . Howard Ganz, an MLB lawyer, said in a letter to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos that Rodriguezs claims do not come "remotely close" to what is needed to overturn an arbitration decision in federal court. http://www.cheapnikeroshe.com/ .J. -- Marshawn Lynch said Thursday it will be good to get back to football after the Seattle quiet talking running back wrapped up his final mandatory media session of Super Bowl week. Its the first day of the worlds largest fighting game tournament, the Evolution Championship Series, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Nearly 15,000 competitors have gathered to compete in nine different fighting games, with over 2,300 of them competing in Super Smash Bros. Melee.In a sea full of people, there stands a man with a Pikachu hat and an Arizona flag on his back. Jeffrey Axe Williamson is a legend, someone whos been on top of the Super Smash Bros. scene since his first national, Genesis, in 2009. With Pikachu by his side, Axe cemented himself as the ninth best Smash player in the world last year, according to Super Smash Bros. content and analysis site Melee It On Mes SSBM Rank.At Evo 2016, he looks to win it all, something thats never too far out of his reach. Hes been close before, taking fourth at Genesis 3 and fifth at Community Effort Orlando 2016, and he believes that Evo will be his time to shine, albeit not on Fox.I think [I have a shot to win this tournament.] Ive already beaten most of [the gods] a couple of times in the past, and a couple this year and I feel like its really doable, Axe tells ESPN.com. I just have to be super on point and I cant be stopped. I know that for sure. Even losers bracket Mango or beast mode Armada, I feel like I can take them to be honest. It takes a lot of preparation and mental power and just feeling well. Theres a lot of little factors I need to be on top of to perform my best.Fifth at CEO is a good indication that Axe can perform as expected, but at Evo, there are nearly 1,800 more players in attendance, in comparison to CEOs 683. Axe says that makes this event infinitely more difficult, and that to win it all, you have to play your best.This tournament has way more players [than CEO], so its going to be a lot harder because all of the top players are here minus Leffen and PPMD, he says. Its going to be very difficult still, but technically its kind of the same top players. More of the top 100 players are here than they were at CEO. A lot of the top 100 players still give me problems, so its going to be a lot more difficult overall, but I feel more ready than I did for CEO.At CEO, he fell to Justin Plup McGrath, another player within the Top 10, who like Axe, is considered a demigod. In Melee, there are five gods: Adam Armada Lindgren, Juan Hungrybox Debiedma, Kevin PPMD Nanney, Jason Mew2King Zimmerman, and Joseph Mango Marquez. Demigods are players within the top echelon who continuously challenge and at times beat the gods, or their counterppart William Leffen Hjelte. Roshes On Sale. or the past few years, Axe, alongside names like Plup and Weston Westballz Dennis, have become demigods. But none have been able to take it all the way and win super majors, such as Evo, CEO, or Genesis. I ask Axe who is the next player to join the demigods.Normally, its a player thats not currently a top 100, he says. Its usually not a player whos at the top. Im looking at the players who are on the come up. Pretty much the players that come out of nowhere. Its those kind of players who surpass people and enter the top six.So if a new face breaks through, theyll need to beat the Top 10, which is currently not solidified in 2016. Axe, who was among the final list last year, thinks that a new player, Zac SFAT Cordoni, has entered the list, while the remainder of the list, besides DaJuan Shroomed McDaniel, stays the same.The top order is so confusing to order, but based off how good I think players are, I think Armada is the best. Hes number one. He just has the most skill, the most consistency, he explains. Hes crazy, hes a beast. Hungrybox has to be second at this point. Armada, Hungrybox, Mango, Leffen, Mew2King, PPMD, Plup, Axe, SFAT, and Westballz. Wes hasnt been doing so hot lately, but I know he has the skill. Hes hella good.Only one will be crowned the champion of Evo. That opens the field significantly for new people to break through, and Axe thinks as long as he beats Hungrybox and his consistent Jigglypuff, hell have his best shot. Its terrible [to play against Jigglypuff], Axe says. I hate it. I do want to beat Hungrybox really bad. Ive been watching our sets and its doable, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve for that.But above all, he believes that Mango will take the tournament, if he doesnt himself. A previous champion of Evo 2013 and 2014, Mango is favored to repeat and win Evo once again. Hes been outspoken about wanting it all, and practicing a ton to get there. Americas hometown hero has the best shot hes had in quite sometime.Id say Mango has a great shot at first. Mango wants it very badly, and I think that the only way for Mango to win is only if he goes absolute beast mode, Axe explains. The one trait Mango has that all of the other top players dont have, of the Top 6, is the ability to go in the zone, where he has absolute focus and everything is 100 percent different. I think hes going to take the tournament. 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